Friday, January 4, 2019

Angela's Must Have Craft Tools for 2019

Happy New Year Crafters!

As I was cleaning my craft room today, I was thinking about the tools that are most important to the kind of crafting I do.  So I thought I would share with you my "Must Have Craft Tools for 2019":

A Cutting Machine:  My personal favorite is the Silhouette Cameo because the software is really, really good.

Self-Healing Cutting Mat:  I use the Olfa 24x36 mat  and even bought my 13 year-old daughter one for Christmas.

Rotary Cutter:  I use the Fiskars Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter.  It's an absolute must for cutting fabric, deco mesh and ribbon!

Cutting Ruler: I use an Omnigrip Acrylic Ruler in conjunction with my self-healing mat and rotary cutter.  It really is a great tool for cutting fabric and vinyl!

Permanent Adhesive Vinyl: My preferred choice is Oracal 651.  I try to purchase in 10 yard rolls.  I find it is more economical.  My go-to vendor is Sign Warehouse.

Heat Transfer Vinyl:  Glitter and smooth.  I typically use Siser Easy Weed vinyl.  I purchase this in various places.  I do have a local vinyl store that I frequent, but I have recently ordered from Vinyl Spectrum and was very pleased. I am also pleased to see that Michael's has started selling Siser heat transfer vinyl as well!

Pliers/Wire Cutters:  I bought these Southwire Pliers over a year ago, and they are AMAZING.  They snip all kinds of wire with incredible ease!  If I ever lose these, they will promptly be replaced!

Deco Mesh Holder:  I have two different versions of this tool, The Susie's Original Single Mesh Roller Holder and the Ultimate Mesh Roller.  They take a couple of weeks to receive as they are made by the Etsy Seller, SusiesWreathShop, but they are definitely worth the wait.  I use them for holding ribbon as well as deco mesh.

Steelpix Professional Stemming Machine: Now this stemming machine is a serious investment.  It's definitely not cheap. I was able to use my Hobby Lobby Coupon for this purchase; however, that doesn't always seem to be the case.  I have to say that this machine is really helpful in any kind of wreath, centerpiece or other floral design.

Bow Maker: I have used several over the years, but my favorite is the Pro Bow The Hand.  It's simply genius. I have the large as well as the deluxe.

I encourage you to check out these amazing craft tools.  Let me know what you think.  What's on your "must have" list?  I'm always interested in new craft tools!

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Angela Davis

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  1. awesome post. i want to upgrade my craft room and this list of tools really helped me figure out what i need.


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