Saturday, June 30, 2018

Starter Craft Room for your Teen!

Hey Crafters!

It's been awhile.  I hope you are having a fabulous summer.  Our's is pretty low key this year.  While summer is my absolute least favorite time of year because of the extreme heat we get down here in Houston, I do love having my teens home...WITH NO HOMEWORK.  Can I get an Amen????

Recently, my youngest daughter, Lucy, started making faux leather earrings.  She wants to sell them in order to pay for half of her new dog, Bonnie (per the agreement she made with my husband).  Here's Bonnie when we got her a few months ago:

Isn't she adorable???

I digress...  The point I'm getting at is that Lucy was starting to invade my craft room.  We are both crafters that spread out.  We aren't necessarily neat and tidy crafters, if there is such a thing.  So I made the "awesome" suggestion OUT LOUD that maybe we should create her very own craft room (or craft corner) in her room.  Well, my daughter jumped all over that.  And there's something you need to know about Lucy.  Once you suggest something...she will not let you forget it.  She's tenacious.  Hmmm...I wonder where she gets it from....

So, we started by cleaning out the corner of her room.

Don't let this picture fool you.  All the crap, ummm lovely stuff I need to sell in a garage sale, is sitting in the hallway.  So then we headed to Walmart...because it's cheap.  I'm not looking for high quality Pottery Barn or Martha Stewart craft furniture here.  This is a STARTER craft room for a 13 year-old.  Heck, I don't even have Pottery Barn craft furniture!  We bought a desk chair and two of these cube units most crafters are familiar with:

The next morning Lucy and I assembled them. Don't you just love whomever writes assembly instructions?  Here's a tip we learned after finally assembling the first one: screw together the top and bottom to the dividers and THEN attach the rest of the middle.  

Then my husband went to Home Depot and purchased a 4 foot by 8 foot sheet of melamine and had them cut it down to 4 foot by 3 foot.  He brought it home and screwed the top on from underneath (through the cube storage organizers). Do NOT go to Lowe's.  They don't sell melamine sheets of this size.

He then ironed on some melamine iron-on tape that I found in my stash which is a good thing because we tried to buy it at Lowe's.  But they couldn't find in their store the seven they showed to have in stock.  So yea, you might want to Amazon that.  Amazon and I are tight y'all.  Real tight. The table cost less than $100 total.

We also moved in an old Ikea Kallax from the game room that is no longer needed to store American Girl doll stuff.  Sniff, Sniff.  But the AG stuff is getting stored.  There's no way I'm getting rid of that. 

Lucy is a very good crocheter.  So this is great storage for her yarn! I mean, look at what she arm crocheted TODAY:

So here it is all set up!  That is her great-grandmother's sewing machine sitting on the craft table in its storage box.  I love that she has it there! Isn't this a cute little crafting space!

I have a stool she can use, but she, like me, likes to craft standing up.  Lastly, we set her up with an old laptop we don't use anymore.  I put the Basic Edition of Silhouette Studio on it.  I also let her have my very first Silhouette Cameo (Version 1).  I gotta admit, this was a little tough for me.  You see my old Cameo and I have made some things together...lots of things in fact.  BUT I've had a Cameo 3 for a couple of years sitting right next to my original Cameo that has not gotten the attention it deserves, so I thought this would be the best for us all.

I'm letting her borrow my Sizzix Big Shot.  I bought her her own craft mat and craft spatula to use with her Silhouette.  And I bought her some jewelry supplies.  So really, this was a relatively inexpensive project to get a budding crafter started.  My 16 year-old is a bit jealous actually, but I reminded her she asked for a futon...which now collects clothes.  So there you go.  Take a look at some of the fun earrings Lucy has made.  She's selling them for $12 plus shipping.  She can personalize.  If you want to purchase any to help fund her puppy cause, e-mail me at

Maybe you can put together a craft space for your kiddos this summer too.  Or if you already have one, give me a shout.  I'd love to see your space!

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