About Me

Hey Y'all! My name is Angela Davis. I am a native Texan and a Fightin' Texas Aggie! Bigger is always better, and BLING is an absolute must!!! I am the wife to a wonderful man that makes my creative time possible. I am a volleyball, soccer and softball mom to two amazing girls...and I'm a jazzy crafter! Crafting is my PASSION!!! My heart is for the novice or average crafter, the person that just wants to make his or her home and life a little prettier. That is why I blog...to empower you all out there to try new things....to push your creative boundaries...to let you know that crafting does not have to be intimidating and that you CAN, in fact, do it! DIY doesn't mean it has to look DIY. I am always trying to push myself to make things bigger and better, and I want you to do that too! Let's get creative together. Let's learn together. My hope and desire is that you find something on my blog that will inspire you to decorate your own life. And if you do, tell me about it. I truly love seeing your work.

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