Thursday, December 28, 2017

I'm a Hallmark Girl!

My friends know that I'm a Hallmark fanatic...a connoisseur...a junkie.  I shop the store. By the way, have you ever been in their Halls Department Store in Kansas City?  Um, it's divine.  I happened upon it a few years ago when I was up there for a cheer competition.  Didn't know it even existed.  It's a beautiful store.  Anyway, I also shop the regular Hallmark stores.  I buy the ornaments.  I buy the cards.  And, yes, I watch the movies.  I even developed a rating system for my friends, and I post my ratings on my personal Facebook page after I watch some of them.  It has sparked fun conversation.  And it's not just Christmas movies anymore.  It's now winter, Valentines, spring, weddings, summer, fall and Christmas.  Hallmark really is a genius company.  Now you (or more likely your spouse) may think the movies are cheesy...and I've been know to agree with that sentiment at times...but at least it's something the whole family can watch without concern!  Am I right mommas?  And pretty movies, make our season better...make us happy!

So, now that the Christmas movie season is over...until Christmas in July...I thought I would share a couple of my new favorites from 2017:

I adore Candace Cameron Bure.  And I love a good twins switching places theme.  Hello, Haley Mills in The Parent Trap?  Golden.

I also adore the main star in this movie, Alison Sweeney.  I remember her from "Days of our Lives".  I also love her in Hallmark's Movies and Mysteries Channel "Murder She Baked" series.  This movie actually chocked me up a little at the end.  Got me in the feels.

Now I still have some on my DVR to watch.  I hear, The Christmas Train is great.  What were your favorite new Christmas Hallmark movies this year?  Let me know!

If you're sad the season is almost over and your favorite holiday movies will be disappearing, never fear.  Hallmark's Winterfest 2018 starts January 6th!

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