Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Did you get craft goodies for Christmas?

Hi Crafters!

Happy two days after Christmas!  So, I've been wondering....did you get any cool craft supplies for Christmas?????  I want to know!  I get excited when someone texts me or writes on my Facebook Page that they received a new craft goodie!  I know many of you probably got cutting machines--Silhouette or Cricut or maybe another brand?  I am partial to Silhouette, so I highly recommend you newbies checking out Silhouette School Blog.  Melissa, the creator of the blog, is fantastic.  She's even written an in-depth how-to book and e-course.  I've learned a lot from her, so be sure to check out her page.  Now, unfortunately, I am not as versed in Cricut as I once was.  My first "successful" cutter was a Cricut...the little one.  And then I moved up to the Cricut Expression, which I adored for awhile.  So, I'm just not sure of a fabulous YouTuber to recommend for instructional videos for a Cricut.  Hey, but let me know because I have a Cricut Air 2 sitting in my craft room wanting to be used. 

<SIDENOTE>  So you are probably wondering what I meant by "successful" cutter.  Yea, a long time ago, when you could actually find a LSS (local scrapbooking store), a store owner in Lafayette, LA convinced me to buy, if I remember the name correctly, a Wishblade cutter rather than a Cricut.  It was the first computer-based cutter I tried to use.  BUT, I also had a new laptop with Windows Vista.  I could never get the thing to work properly with my computer.  Nightmare.  So when I got my second computer-based cutter, the Silhouette Cameo, years later and after several easy-to-use Cricuts, it literally took me over a year to take it out of the box.  Now, I can't live without it.

So, what did I get?  Well, my parents got me a new video setup from The Cowboy Studio, and I can't wait to set it up later today!  I have a rigged camera setup now that has been annoying me.  I'm hoping this system will help making my craft videos much easier.  Here's a pic of it:

My husband got me a clamp that attaches to the bar.  My camcorder will screw into the clamp so that I can easily shoot videos from above!

I also received some Dixie Belle chalk paint in Barn Red and Fluff as well as some wax.  Why Dixie Belle and not Annie Sloan?  I just seem to like more of the colors that Dixie Belle offers.  But both brands are great!


So really that's all the craft supplies I received.  That's all I asked for, and I'm so grateful for them!  I'm at the point where I really have all the craft supplies I need except one...and that will have to be saved for...if I decide to take my crafting in that direction one day.

So, share with me your goodies!

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