Sunday, October 19, 2014

Episode 137: Halloween Candy Doorscape 2014

Hi Everyone!

Well, here it finally Halloween Candy Doorscape!  I just love decorating for Halloween!!

I actually already had a lot of these decorations from previous years.  I just added the dollar store Large Homemade Halloween Candy that you saw in the previous post.  


Orange Metallic Deco Mesh (Hobby Lobby)...remember you get what you pay for with deco mesh
Candy Corn and Orange Chevron Ribbon (The Paul Michael Company)
Pixie Sticks and Small Candy (PYL Tutorials)
Candy Corn Picks (RAZ, Imports)
Wooden Candy Medallions (Made those years ago)
Large Homemade Halloween Candy (See link above)
Floral wire.

And a SUPER cute Candy Corn door hanger from the Etsy Shop: The Wayward Whimsy!  Man I wish I could watch her make her creations!!!

Check out the video:

And here are a few other photos:

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  1. I am a Halloween deco junkie! And this candy sway you made is by far the cutest I have ever seen!!!! You rocked it with this one girl! Saving the pic for my next year project! Thanks!!!
    Tracey of Traceys Fancy


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