Friday, October 17, 2014

Episode 136: Quick, Easy and Cheap Halloween Decorations

This year I decided to get away from the witch doorscape theme I've been doing and go a different direction--CANDY.  Stay tuned for the doorscape video in an upcoming post.  I had a lot of fun putting that door up, even though I was sweating in mid-October in Houston and had to apply bug spray.  (I hate Houston weather.  Why can't it get cold already????)  I digress...

I wanted to add to my collection of homemade candy decorations this year, so I made these:

They are SO easy and cheap.  I got twelve 27.5 inch balls for under $15.  One extra large Styrofoam ball at Hobby Lobby costs $20!  Yes I know that I run the risk of these not lasting near as long as Styrofoam, but since this project is so easy to recreate, I'm ok with that.


Dollar store beach balls (Mine came from a generic dollar store)
Plastic tablecloth material sold on a roll in the party section of Hobby Lobby
Rubber bands or pipe cleaners
Ribbon of your choice (Mine came from Sam's)
Floral Wire

Check out my video for the detailed instructions:

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