Wednesday, October 8, 2014

40 Things for my 4-0

So today is the day I turn the big 4-0. Not going to lie. I don't love that fact. But, moving on. So I thought, "I wonder if I could name what I consider to be the 40 Must Haves for a Crafter"?  I will take that challenge!  See how many of these you have. Here goes:

1. Um, a hot glue gun and glue. Duh!!
2. Scissors-some for paper and some for fabric
3. X-Acto knife
4. Silhouette Cameo
5. Mod Podge of various types!
6. Scrapbook Paper
7. ATG Tape Runner
8. E6000 glue
9. Vinyl of MANY colors!
10. Printer
11. Acrylic Paint
12. Fun Foam
13. Crop-A-Dile II Big Bite
14.  Laminator
15.  Deco Mesh!!!
16. Stamps for every occasion 
17. Computer
18.  Spatula for removing paper and vinyl off of cutting mats
20. Sewing Machine
21.  Paint Pens (Love/Hate Relationship)
22.  Letters! Wooden, paper mâché, metal...all of it!
24.  Fabric
25.  Floral Wire
26.  Pro Bow The Hand  Bowmaker
27.  Cuttlebug
28. Dimensional Paint/Puff Paint
29.  Glitter Spray
30.  Self Healing Mat or 2 
31.  Rotary cutter or 2
32.  Wire Cutters
33.  Aloe Vera Gel or Apple Cider Vinegar for hot glue burns
34. Basic tools--hammer, tape measure, screwdrivers
35.  Staplers--regular, plier type and staple gun and staple remover
36. Valspar Spray Paint
37. Wrapping Supplies--paper, tissue, treat bags
38.  Paint brushes!--foam ones, thin ones, thick ones, cheap ones, nice ones 
39.  A Pinterest Account. Don't understand the women that hate on Pinterest. 
40. And....chocolate (which I plan on having at my birthday lunch along with a Bellini)

I'm sure I could add a bunch more, but let's just start with 40.  How many of these do you have?

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Take time to "Prettify Your Life"!!!


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