Thursday, May 1, 2014

Episode 124: Hollywood Doorscape

My daughter, the Diva, wanted a Hollywood/Awards themed birthday, so I thought that it would be a great time to jump back into my doorscapes.  I would consider this a basic doorscape, something pretty easy to start with if you have never decorated your door.

Materials Needed:
Gold deco mesh from Hobby Lobby
Gold ribbon from Sam's (seasonal)
Chevron ribbon from Sam's (seasonal)
White ribbon form Hobby Lobby
Glamour rope form Hobby Lobby
Filmstrip ribbon from Etsy Store: Hollywood Baskets
Clapboards from Party City

The base for my garland is inexpensive green Christmas garland.  I applied the deco mesh, ribbon, glamour rope and then, lastly, the clapboards.  I glued floral wire to the backs of the clapboards and wired them into the garland.

And here is the video:

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