Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Another Tool

I have a tool fetish...crafting and office supply.  I have an ARC punch which I like, but sometimes I want a connected spine binder rather than disk binding.  I saw a pic in one of the Thirty-One Facebook Groups that I belong to where a lady had laminated and had paid Staples to spiral bind the new Summer Catalog.  I thought that was a good idea, but I also wanted to see if there was an affordable spiral binding option I could use at home.  And there was at Office Max, which is much closer and more prevalent than in my area than Staples.  So, I got a new tool...the Pro Click P50 binding system.

After I cut apart my catalog, I laminated each page.  I use an expensive Scotch Laminator that I bought at Wal-Mart a couple of years ago.  It works great, and I highly recommend it.  You can also purchase it at Target, and I have read that you can get a large pack of laminating sheets at Sam's.  I must remember to look next time I'm in there.  Anyway, I then slid each page in the P50, pushed the lever up and all the binding holes were punched.  It was that easy!

Next, I loaded the pages on the 1/2 inch spine, also purchased at Office Depot.

The spine just snaps closed.


I then laminated and spiral bound a school handbook.

I enjoyed how neat and organized it felt to laminate and bind documents so much that I think I will do it to some of my craft tool manuals and documents.

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