Friday, April 18, 2014

Backyard Love!

My family worked hard in the backyard today. Actually my husband is still trimming trees as I type this blog post.  It all started this morning with us finally tackling the construction of the gazebo we bought at Big Lots last week. It IS a project...taking us THREE HOURS!!!  But it was totally worth it. I'm in LOVE with this gazebo. I've never had one, so I am just a little giddy. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well it blended with the house!  Check out the pics:

And Ta Da!

I've had this light fixture for about a year.  I bought it in a local store before I moved from Oklahoma City.  I had plans for it to go somewhere else, but I think it looks great out here instead. 

I think even Holly likes the new outdoor space...

So, on to planting.  My Great-Granny Skinner said that we should always plant something on Good Friday.  I took that extra seriously this year.  

I love caladiums! 

Geraniums are one of my favorites.  I can actually keep them alive.  And, it was a flower of choice by my much missed Memaw.  So, I feel a special connection to this flower.  It's like a little piece of my Memaw is with me.

I bought this cute little Rountop Collection hummingbird in Old Town Spring in Spring, TX (a suburb of Houston).  I don't typically buy little knick knacks for the yard, but I have to say it makes me smile.

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