Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Must Organize my Projects!

I have a problem.  I think about a lot of projects all at once and plan and even buy supplies sometimes, then I don't do the projects.  Do you have that problem...ever?  Swirling in my head right now are a list of things I want to get done, like:

Make my first wallet-friendly cornice board for the kitchen.
Then, if the guinea pig cornice board works out, make 3 in the playroom and 5 in the craftroom...making a video of my process to share with y'all.  (Yes, I say y'all all the time...I'm from Texas...it's a southern thing)
Make panels for one random upstairs window to match playroom cornices.
Finish my craftroom labels
Video my daughter's b-day doorscape...seriously overdue.
Make a start-to-finish door video.
Finally get my foyer chandelier...but oh wait...we get to pay even MORE taxes (Happy Tax Day to those of you that pay taxes BTW...no I'm not bitter about paying taxes :-)....no not at all....typed with a ton of sarcasm).
Find 2 more doors to make my photo booth.
Plant more flowers. Plant more flowers!!!!
Help my husband put the gazebo together and hang the lights in it.  I dream of my own Bedouin tent next to the pool...minus the harem of course.

And theses are just some of the things in my mind.

So, I need to pull it together, get organized...and start with the kitchen cornice board.  Here's what it looked like when we bought the house:

I wasn't feeling the awning type valance, so it got ripped down months ago.  Oh, yea and the vinyl saying came down to only for us to discover that previous owners had actually painted AROUND the vinyl stickers!  Seriously, who does that?  Anyway, this happy little window is going to get a shot of color when I tie in the fabric from my living room into the kitchen.  Do you remember it?  In case you don't, here's a swatch:

So, I guess I need to fill those nail holes above the sink (finally) and get cracking!  Stay tuned!

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