Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Episode 122: How to Make a Christmas Swag with Leslie Pelezo

Hi Everyone!

The Christmas season is fast approaching, and I will admit it, I haven't decorated in MONTHS!  We moved from OK to TX this summer, and my focus has been on painting, repairs, sewing and getting my girls settled into school and their sports.  SOOOO, when I saw Leslie Pelezo's pic of her Christmas swag on my Facebook group, Prettify Your Life, I was blown away!  When I discovered that she also lives in the Houston area I contacted her to see if she would be interested in filming with me to show my audience how to make it.  She generously agreed to share her knowledge! So, welcome Leslie Pelezo as Prettify Your Life's first in studio guest!!!

Here is a pic of the finished project we are going to talk about...isn't it GORGEOUS??!!

So, let's first talk supplies.  According to Leslie, here is what you need for this project (you can vary some things to your personal taste):

One 9 foot non-lit garland
One roll of deco mesh
One roll of 2 or 3" gold deco mesh ribbon (60 foot)
A few large rolls of wired ribbon of varying widths (Leslie actually used 5 different ribbons of varying sizes and colors. Only the white ribbon was NOT wired.)
Three 5" balls (Dollar Tree)
One or two six packs of glitter ornaments from Hobby Lobby 
Two flowers
One bird or critter of choice (though she didn't put one in this swag)
Five berry picks
Three feather picks
One dry-cleaning grade wire hanger
Hot glue and hot glue gun
Floral Wire
Wire cutters

Now, I have to warn you.  There is A LOT of information in these videos.  Due to You Tube limits, I had to break this video down into several parts.  More than likely your question will be answered in the videos, so please watch them all!  Hope you enjoy.  I learned so much from Leslie!


Here are some more pics of the finished swag:

Leslie totally inspired me.  She doesn't consider herself in the wreath business and, in fact, donates many of her creations to charitable auctions and events to help raise money.  Leslie also informed me that she never keeps her personal Christmas wreaths or swags.  About a week before Christmas she donates her yearly creations to a retirement home.  What a truly wonderful thing to do!  Thank you Leslie for being my Guest Teacher and for reigniting my creativity!!

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  1. Well Done! Amazingly generous Lady! Kudos!

  2. Well done! Very inspiring! So many great tips.

  3. Fantastic video!! I will recommend this to my friends and family!! Thanks so much.

  4. Awesome video and amazing swag. Thanks so much for making this video, can't wait to make one for my house.

  5. Great videos ladies! Learned several new things! Leslie, I thought I heard a Chalmette accent and then googled you and saw you are originally from Chalmette! I grew up in Arabi and went to Andrew Jackson. Made me feel right at home.
    Thanks for the videos!
    Mary in AR


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