Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Episode 121: Pinterest Inspired Family Chalkboard Calendar

I like Pinterest.  Sometimes I love Pinterest.  But let's be honest.  How many of those projects do you ACTUALLY do?  Yea, me neither.  Except, I did do this one.  I saw an awesome chalkboard wall calendar on Pinterest, so I decided to create my own version.

Supplies Needed for my Project:  Laser Level, Pencil, Frog Tape & Paint Block, Valspar Chalkbaord Paint, small roller, paint tray, vinyl (mine's from, Cricut, Cherry Limeaid Cartridge, transfer tape.

 New product I love:  Frog Tape and Paint Block (purchased at Lowes)

My hubby was so supportive and helpful.  He measured out and taped all the lines.  The tape is 1.4 inches wide.

Then I applied two coats of Valspar Chalkboard paint, removed the tape and added the vinyl!!!

The days of the week letters are 8 3/4 inches high and the "Memory Verse" letters are 1 1/2 inches high.

Check out the video here:

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  1. That's awesome but somewhat a tedious task to do. What is that red light called on the left? And the Memory Verse is so cute!


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