Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Houston Nutcracker Market, a Newbie's Thoughts

So, since I moved BACK to Houston for the THIRD (and last) time, I decided to check out what all the buzz was about surrounding the much anticipated annual Houston Nutcracker Market. So, my 2CIL (second cousin-in-law) and I made our way down to the Reliant Center, both first timers. Here are some DOs:

1.  Buy your tickets early (at places such as Randall's. It will save you from having to wait in line to purchase tickets at the venue.). And get to the Market early. We were there within the first 20 minutes of it opening, though there were already tons of people there. 
2.  Hit the cash bar as soon as you get there. What a better way to prepare you for hundreds, if not thousands, of excited shoppers than a mimosa or glass of champagne?  Yes please!

Now I've been to my share of Christmas shows, but this is the biggest one I've been too. I was struck by the vast amount of vendors. Exciting!

Some more DOs:

3.  Wear comfortable shoes!  I chose...poorly. 
4.  LEAVE YOUR HUSBANDS/BOYFRIENDS AT HOME!!!  A HUGE pet peeve of mine!  Ladies, most of those men don't want to be there. They clog up the aisles. And? Let's not forget, they will know how much you spend!  Respect the girl code. 
5.  Leave the kiddos home too if you can.
6.  If you are interested in deco mesh and ribbon, start on the right side at the HUGE Paul Michael booth. 

7.  Bring a SMALL purse. Again, I choose...poorly. 
8.  Be on the lookout for celebrities. Look it's Kristin Alfonso (Hope from "Days of Our Lives")!

9.  Maybe carry a small snack as the food vendor lines were RIDICULOUS. Or, just hit all the free food samples. ;-)
10.  Take some Tylenol or Advil with you. The immense amount of people got to me after awhile and gave me a splitting headache. 
11.  If going in a group, wear over-the-top Christmas headbands with Santas, Snowmen, Candy Canes or the like. Headbands, Angela?  Yes, so your group can find you. Trust me. I lost my gal pal several times. Don't worry A LOT of people do this, and most of the people there are totally into the jolly Christnas spirit. Let loose!

So, did I like it?  Yes!  I thought the prices were reasonable and the selections were great. Downside?  A LOT of people made getting into some of the booths actually quite miserable and daunting. I finally got fed up with the crowds. 

But will I go back?  Um yeah!!!  Just DON'T park in the blue parking lot. That is the WRONG lot. Did I mention I wore the wrong shoes?


  1. I go to a lot of shows and my suggestion would be to get there when the doors open. It's not as crowded - at least for a while!!


  2. Angela you crack me up. I've never been to the Nutcracker Market, have been wanting to go for years. And I will remember you do's and don'ts. :)

  3. I've gone four consecutive years now and still haven't caught on to that small purse thing... I wore ballet flats this year... Should've worn my tennis shoes! I think something was screwy this year because we got stuck in that blue lot too! :( Ugh. Took forever just to get there.

    That Round Top booth is where I dropped most of my cash. My mom loved Paul Michael's. She bought some deco mesh to make a Christmas wreath. I sent her your way for tutorials. :)

  4. I went as well. It was my first time as well, but I brought my Hubby, he helped considering ALL the stuff I bought and my limitations on carrying stuff that weight a lot, but I had him sit and enjoy the choir and all the fun at the back, so NO clogging up lanes.

  5. It was a toss up and I ended up going to the Native American pow wow & vendor market that happened to fall on the same weekend but I will surely be at the Nutcracker Market next year.

    I may have to check back in to this blog post to remember all of your great tips.

    Comfey shoes...check. Tiny purse...check. Pre-purchased ticket...check. Lol Thanks for sharing and welcome back to H-town! :)


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