Monday, September 16, 2013

Episode 120: Where have you been Angela?

Long time no see everyone!

I knew it had been a ridiculous amount of time since I had videotaped anything, but I didn't realize it had been 8 months!  This has been one hectic year and the most difficult move of our marriage (including two international moves).  But the dust is finally starting to settle, so take a quick peek at my video and let me explain to you what has been going on.

I appreciate your e-mails and PMs inquiring about me and my blog.  I am back and ready to reconnect with y'all!

Thanks for stopping by!
Take time to "Prettify Your Life"!!

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  1. YAY...she's back!!! Was so glad to open my computer this morning and see that you had posted a video! Can't wait to see how your progress comes along with the "Woman Cave" Welcome back!


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