Monday, June 10, 2013

Craft Store Visit...the good, the bad and the UGLY!

Happy Monday everyone!  I've been running some errands getting ready for the purchase of our Texas home tomorrow...FINALLY...YEAH!  After I completed everything, I decided to stop in at Michael's just to see what was new.  I started taking several pics, so I thought I would just blog about my thoughts.  I will qualify this first by saying that Michael's, while a good craft store, is NOT my store of choice.  Why?  One word: expensive.  Why do I continue to go?  Because there IS some really good stuff there that can't be found at Hobby Lobby or Jo-Ann's.

So, let's start with the GOOD:

Um, ZEBRA...yes please.  You may have already seen these letters, but I hadn't.  Cute!

Love this font option!

Chevron?  SO on trend!

Large varsity letters on on clearance for $2.99.  Get them while you can!

Sparkle letters on the "cheap" aisle!

One of the BEST things Michael's has going for itself is the "Fun Finds" aisle...the $1/$2 aisle with the themed items that are GREAT for parties!

Micahel's DOES carry some ribbon you won't find anywhere else, but, of course, you are going to PAY for it.  Love this ribbon and decor for Cinco de Mayo, fiestas and maybe even chili cook-offs!

Um, what???  LOVE me some Duck Dynasty and was super excited to see some merchandise at Michael's.  If they had had a "Hey Jack!" coffee cup I would have bought it ON THE SPOT!  If anyone knows where I can get a "Hey Jack" coffee cup, please let me know.

Camo duct tape?  Think of the possibilities!

Um, I like any store that carries my alma mater's stuff!!!!  Gig 'Em!

Now the BAD:


Now my friend and an admin to my PYL FB group, Jordan (awesomely talented artist), clued me in on the phenomenon known as the Michael's florist.  They apparently take all the good seasonal ribbon and seasonal decor off the store shelves and make overpriced bows, wreaths, and arrangements to sell to the general public...leaving nothing or next to nothing new for the crafter that wants to use these supplies to make his/her own stuff.  Next time you are at Michael's, look behind the florist desk.  You'll see all the new ribbon and decor in their stash.  It's VERY annoying.  Case in point, this hat in the pic below.  I wanted a St. Patrick's Day hat like this for a decoration.  Stupid me.  I waited.  When I returned a few days later to purchase it, it was gone.  Well, wait.  It wasn't REALLY gone.  The florist had taken it off the shelf for purchase and stuck it in a wreath, charging double or triple the cost.  Um, no.  SOOOO... my SOON as the holiday/seasonal ribbon and decor comes out, BUY IT.  I know, I want to wait for the sale, right?  Use a mobile coupon and buy it before the florist takes it.  And let's face it, the sales at Michael's are very rarely as good as the sales at Hobby Lobby.  You may think that's harsh Michael's, but it's a fact.  (Thanks for the tip Jordan.)


New Product?  Yes, I have been waiting for these Mod Podge molds for MONTHS.  Michael's had the display instructions, but NO PRODUCT.  Still on the hunt...

And finally the UGLY:

Dear Michael's Marketing Department, this is stupid. You couldn't suck it up and make it 50%?  Stupid.  Now, to be fair, Michael's had some cute paper...most of which did not fall in this advertised sale, which is actually ok because you can pull up your mobile Michael's coupon and get the FULL 50% off.  Seriously, WHAT were y'all thinking?

Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. First of all...Welcome to Texas!!!..your going to love it here!!! I read your blog all the time and I am a fan of all your prettified stuff. Can you please tell me about this mod podge stuff? How does it work and what is it called? It looks really cool.

  2. I really wanna make my own molds! I hope you find them and share them with us! Thanks for this post.

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  5. I heard that the Martha Stewart Jewelry Making kits were being sold at Micheals. Have you come across them?

  6. Have you stopped blogging?

  7. I love the sarcastic tone you have kept while explaining the UGLY part! Hahaha, kept me interested all the way long ! Great review of the craft store ;)

    PS the Sale sign was really very strange up there !

    Jessica x


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