Friday, February 3, 2012

Avoid the Wide Weave...if you can!

Good Morning!

I posted this pic on the PYL FB yesterday with the note (HL (Hobby Lobby), $10, wide weave).

What I was afraid of when I put "wide weave" was that the mesh, while pretty rolled up, would lose its appeal once unrolled.  To be perfectly honest, I am in favor of buying the best quality mesh you can afford, though I understand that isn't always possible.    However, a couple of PYLers were kind enough to mention that they had already bought this mesh, and it was, in fact, not pretty once unrolled.  They both are taking it back for a refund. So, not a bargain in my book.   I tell you this to simply caution you: examine the mesh carefully!  If the weave is very wide, more than likely, you won't be happy with it.  The wide weave tends to diffuse the color of the mesh and the impact you are going for in your design.

For a better understanding of the different qualities and weaves of mesh, check out Episode 75: My Deco Mesh Rant!

Many thanks to Karen and Cheryl for giving their honest reviews of this product!

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