Thursday, February 2, 2012

Crafters Concepts

I am testing out a new section to my blog called Crafters Concepts.  This is all about you, the PYLer, and your ideas.  Here's how it works:

1. I post a pic of an item.
2. I give you direction (say I want to use it as a gift or for home decor).
3. You comment with your ideas...what you would do with that you would decorate it or how you would use it in decor.

I intend to create a button with links to the various Crafters' Concepts so that the PYL community can utilize it as a resource for inspiration.  I hope you have fun with it, and most of all, SHARE your awesome ideas with the rest of us.  Please make sure you post your ideas on the PYL BLOG below (Click on the "Click here to post comments" in the pink box below the post.'s the first Crafters Concepts Challenge:  
Teacher's Valentine Bucket

What would you fill this bucket with for a Valentine's Day gift for a teacher???  How would you decorate the bucket?

Do you like this idea?  Let me hear from you!

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  1. As a teacher AND lover of bling, you could add vinyl images in colors or animal print, add a bodacious bow and fill it with dry erase markers, post its, colored pens for grading, a LITTLE good chocolate, cute binder clips, anything that says diva! Even a $5 McDonald's , Starbucks, etc. would be nice. After using the great stuff inside, the bucket could be reused in your classroom or home for a multitude of things. Wish I were YOUR kids' teacher! :O)

  2. I would mod podge the pail with a pretty fabric that way she can use it all year long. I would fill the pail with things teachers use; pens, pencils, paper clips, glue, hand sanitizer, etc. I would also add goodies like different types of chocolates. Then I would add a small Happy Valentine's Day balloon.

  3. I think I might customize this according to what the educator's own hobby's were if you know them. Decorate the exterior with valentines motif though if it is for V-day, If she likes gardening, fill with seed packets, garden gloves, gift card to Lowes, a spade and trowel, sunscreen and miracle grow.

    If they like the beach, roll up a towel, a couple paper back books, sunscreen, an insulated cup, maybe a sun visor.

  4. I would totally cover the whole bucket with a school theme paper, but add pink bling randomly all around it, cover the handle with a pink or red boa, spray glitter all over, add vinyl letters with teachers name in red, then fill it with some candies, set of pens, pencils, lakeshore gift card, Starbucks gift card, scentsy bars, Altered frames.


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