Saturday, January 14, 2017

Wooden Star Decorations Tutorial

Happy Weekend Crafters!

I am continuing to work on the decorations for my daughter's high school Sadie Hawkins Dance to be held next month.  On today's agenda...recreating wooden stars on the cheap from a cute wooden star I found in a small town store during our Thanksgiving holiday.

Back in November I stopped at an adorable store in Glen Rose, TX (southwest of Dallas) called Miss Dixie's Cottage.  It's right on the town square and a little gem!

It's at Dixie's that I found my star.  I had to have it.  Do you ever just go into a store and see something that speaks to you?  Maybe that's just me.  But this star said, "Take me home Angela even though you could probably make me."  So I did.  My daughters are playing Vanna White with the star.

So fast forward to today.  That Thanksgiving star became my template to make 12 more of my very own stars for the upcoming high school dance.  I might add that the 12 stars I made today were almost as cheap as the one star I bought.  Cool.

Here's the supply list:
  • 6 foot strips of thin wood.  I found bundles of very rustic, very thin wood on the fencing aisle at Lowe's  A bundle of 10 was $8.72. The hardware store and I are beginning to have a relationship. 
For the tutorial, watch my YouTube Video:

See, easy!  And I simply love the fact that my 11 year-old helped me make these stars and then had the brilliant idea that they would be cool made out of yardsticks!  I'm going to have to file that idea away for a later date. 

These stars would be a fabulous photo backdrop or decorations at a rustic wedding, picnic, barbeque, or many other kinds of parties and celebrations.  I hope you will give this craft project a shot!  I will be attaching the coffee filter letters I taught you how to make in my last blog post to each of the stars to spell out "SIMPLY SADIES".  They will be hung around the dance floor next month.  Stay tuned for those pictures. 

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