Tuesday, January 17, 2017

My Lovefest with Amazon Prime, Crafter Edition

So I occasionally post my lovefest with Amazon Prime on my personal Facebook, even posting pictures of stacks of packages that sometimes come on the same day.  Yea, maybe that sounds weird, but if feels a little bit like Christmas to me because often times in those packages there are craft products. I've had friends ask me what I buy on Amazon.  It's truly a hodgepodge, and it's usually for one or all of the following three reasons:
  1. I get so incredibly tired of stores not carrying products or carrying limited quantities and varieties of products or only carrying them online and then a worker having the audacity to tell me "We can order it for you."  Yea, I can usually order it myself too, but there are times, which are getting fewer and fewer now, that I actually want to see the products before I decide to buy which I can't do because you don't have them in your stores!
  2. I live kind of far away from stores.  Not the country, but a bit remote, outskirts of Houston.  You've got to really WANT an item in order  to drive 30-45 minutes one way to a store to get it.  So there obviously are days that are designated "shopping days" for just such a reason.
  3. Prices can sometimes be shockingly better online, and if you have PRIME, free shipping and with the convenience of your package arriving at your doorstep in a day or two.
So, you are probably starting to see my lovefest with Amazon Prime.  Yea, it's an annual fee, but it totally pays for itself with saved shipping costs and better prices...and my sanity.

What craft supplies have I bought lately on Amazon?  Here you go:

I was recently struggling with a vinyl project.  I couldn't get a large vinyl project onto the surface straight.  After consulting the fabulous Silhouette School blog and seeing that the transfer tape with the graph lines on it can be used to help with alignment, I ordered some. It's the first transfer tape I've used that comes with a backing and lines.  I like it!

I just recently received these in the mail and oh what a happy day!  While I haven't used them yet, I've admired them.  Why did I NOT search for bulk order hot glue sticks years ago?????  I ordered the smaller lot of 125 sticks for $25.  Now you may be thinking $25 seems like a lot.  I did the math.  Since Hobby Lobby charges $5 for a package of 8, it would have cost me $78.13 to buy 125 in their store!  I saved $50 over time buying online.  Game changer.  I use a lot of hot glue.

I wanted to make my own planner pages for my The Reset Girl A5 Ballerina pink planner and discovered that a premium weight paper choice for this is 90lb.  Since purchasing this paper, I have used it to print planner pages, front and back and then cut them out using my Silhouette Cameo.  I'm very pleased with the paper quality.

I call this my "knock off printer ink", but I mean no disrespect.  A few months ago I found this little gem of 15 ink cartridges for $22.  I am usually a highly skeptical person...a "you get what you pay for" type of person.  But my absolute hatred of buying ink at those ridiculous store prices drove me to risk it.  Like literally, printer ink prices are in my top 10 on my official Pet Peeve List (#1 is restaurants that make you wait when there are obviously tables available...I've been know to call them out on this practice...I digress).  So, I've used this for a few months...love it as much as anyone can love printer ink...will happily avoid getting taken to the cleaners by the stores from now on.

Rose petals, Angela?  Yea.  I have an idea brewing in my head for a Valentine's doorscape.  I was going to use rose tops, but those are still a bit expensive for the amount I think I might need, and then I found 1000 rose petals for $8.  Yes please!

So, while I didn't intend for this to be an advertisement for Amazon Prime, I guess that's what it is.  Why?  Because if you've followed me for years, you know that I will tell you straight up if I like a product, store, or service or not.  When I find something that I think will benefit you, I want to share it.  So do yourself a favor, start ordering more of your craft supplies online.  Read the reviews.  And get Prime.  Then, you will be doing the happy dance just like me when you see your packages on your doorstep. 

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  1. I Boucher the same printer carts following your original fb post. I love them too!!


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