Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bring Back the Art of Stained Glass!

As I sat in a dedication service today for a new sanctuary at our church, my mind turned to stained glass.  Stained glass, Angela? Yep, stained glass.  See, there's something about old churches, traditional churches, that I absolutely love, always have.  I envy Europe and their breathtaking churches.  I really do.  Now they knew how to build churches.  There's always been something remarkable about intricate stained glass...the scenes the light shines through it....the vibrant colors of the glass...the color and cut combinations used.  What an art that seems to be lost on so many.  But, to me, stained glass gives a place a holy feeling....a special feeling to honestly mesmerizes me.  I could just stare at it for...well a while. I particularly like how Richard from the Stained Glass Association of America described the feeling some people get gazing upon stained glass as "the romance of the medium".  Totally.get.that.  So, after my curiosity got the best if me for a lot of the morning, I found a concise, but good, article on the internet explaining how stained glass is made and the causes of its rise and fall. Interesting! You can read it HERE!  Check out some of the oldest stained glass in the world in Augsburg Cathedral in Germany (as mentioned in the article):

Um, WOW!  What art!  So, I will be adding that to my list of places I want to see! 

Here are a few pics I took of Saint Thomas Church in NYC when my husband and I visited last Christmas (sorry still need to learn how to take good pics in low light):


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