Friday, January 2, 2015

A Lazy Friday of Surfing...

Today is another cold, rainy day in Houston.  It's one of those days that just makes you want to stay in bed and surf on the internet and make lists of all the craft projects you want to do and and make lists of all the supplies you need to buy...or is that just me?  Ok, so I AM out of bed, although Teddy, one of my two little puglets was quite cozy snoozing next to me.  

So what have I been doing?  Well, I started brainstorming about St. Patrick's Day (yes) and allowed my mind to wander a little over to Easter.  I sketched another garland ornament I want to make because, if you remember from yesterday, one of my New Year's craft resolutions was to make more of my own stuff out of wood so that it lasts longer.  This is a kind of goal I've been thinking about for a while now....create my own stuff that's floating around in my head, rather than purchasing it. Excited to see where that goes...

I've also been checking out Pinterest where I happened upon a cool article called "12 Best Apps for Crafters".  Pretty cool stuff.  So far I've downloaded the Stanley level (yep I was excited about this one because I love a level and just hate hanging things without it).  Does it work?  Seems to...pretty cool!  Apparently my table isn't completely level:

Another cool app that I downloaded is ColorSnap.  Take a pic of anything, and it will match it to Sherwin Williams paint colors! WHAT????  AND, I just happened to want a certain shade of turquoise off of my crown marquee in my Glitter World (aka my craft room) for a project, so I tried the app out on it.  SO COOL! Check out my screenshot:

I also sell Jamberry Nail Wraps, and came across some cute totes while on FB for all you peeps out there that are into direct sales. They are called Luci Bags.  Check them out!

That's about it...for now.  Got to put together some hostess packets and continue to make my craft supply lists.  And, yes, I'm STILL avoiding the laundry...

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