Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Experimenting with Mod Podge Melts

Hey Crafters!

Today is experimenting day in the craft room. Do you have those days?  Those days where you have a finished craft in your head but you need to experiment with different techniques or mediums to see what works best?  That's my today. 

As you may have seen, I used Mod Podge Melts on my craft room storage bins. So, I wanted to carry on with that them for a Halloween craft. 

My motto "Look for inspiration everywhere" panned out at the grocery story yesterday (Kroger to be exact) when I came upon a couple of mini silicon cake molds. I decide to purchase them and try them out with the melts. 

In general they work. But, avoid deep molds as this takes up a lot of Mod Podge (in the case of the small pumpkin in the pic below).  The witch hat worked better because I just needed to fill the mold up enough to cover the bottom design. The blue circular mold is a Martha Stewart Clay mold. Those work really well. 

To sharpen up the edges, an X-Acto knife and a nail file work well. 

Now to paint them. Stay tuned to see if this turns into what I hope!

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