Monday, September 22, 2014

Episode 133: Craft Room Storage Bin Labels

I have had a wall of IKEA Dr├Âna bins for a long time.  I wanted to make some interesting labels, and the idea also took me a really long time.  THEN, when I figured out how I wanted to make the label, the execution of the project took a REALLY long time.  Are we sensing a pattern here?  But, FINALLY they are finished!  Take a look:

Supplies Needed:

Wooden cut outs
Pink paint
Foam brushes
Black stamp ink
White paint pen
Mod Podge melts and bold
Mini dual temp glue gun for Mod Podge melts
Gold paint
Glue gun and hot glue
Chalkbaord labels
Label maker with black label tape
Crop-a-dile II Big Bite
Jump rings
Articake charms

Here's the video:

1. Paint your wooden die cuts with two coats of pink paint using a foam brush.  These cut outs came from Michael's.  The paint is Parisian Pink by Folk Art.

2.  Add the chalkboard stickers and ink the edges with black ink.  The stickers are by Recollections that I purchased at Michael's.  The ink is by Adirondack.

3.  Punch hole at the bottom of the wooden die cut with Crop-a-dile II Big Bite.

4.  Using a jump ring, string a charm through the hole in the die cut and close the ring with pliers to secure.


5.  Use a paint pen to embellish. (The Sharpie marker in the picture ran out...surprise I bought a different brand for the video.)

6.  Using Mod Podge Melts and a Mold (both from Michael's), make crown embellishments and paint with gold metallic paint, again using a foam brush.  It took me two coats.

7.  Hot glue the crown to the wooden die cut.

8.  Use your label maker to print out a label.  I use a P-Touch that I bought at Office Depot or Office Max...really what's the difference...they look exactly the same.  Then I hot glued the whole thing to the bin.  Done...well, done after 39 more.  Yep 40 labels.  Stick a fork in me....I'm DONE!

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