Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dry Brushing

So, with the start of the New Year comes my mental list of things I want to get accomplished around the house. The upgrades continue.  My home, which we bought in June, was not properly updated or maintained, so we continue to be busy with improvements and projects. Top on the list?  GET MY CRAFT ROOM DONE!  I LOVE being in there, but I am ready for everything to be in its place!  That includes my Barbie paintings by Oklahoma artist Debbie Curtis that I acquired while living in Oklahoma City.  Check out her website HERE!  I love them but have wanted to put them in gold know the over-the-top almost gaudy ones?  Well, I haven't been able to find the frames that match the picture in my head, but Hobby Lobby had ones that were close, but the gold just wasn't gaudy enough.  Gaudy, Angela?  Really? Yep...I embrace it with craft room is my fun space.  And, BTW, I seriously think my craft room needs a name, like how jewelry designer Tarina Tarantino calls hers the "Sparkle Factory"?  LOVE  Off topic...

Anyway, using my 40% off mobile Hobby Lobby coupon, I purchased this:

I should have saved a little bit more money and bought it when they were half off, but oh well.  I also purchased this DecoArt metallic gold paint called "Splendid Gold".

Then, taking a dry, cheap brush I glopped on the paint.  I wanted to get rid of all those aged, darker areas.  Again, I'm going for gaudy not antique.

Then I took an old towel and brushed off the excess, almost immediately.  This left the paint in the crevices.

Here's the finished project.  I am so happy with the way this turned out, and it literally took 20 minutes. It's brighter and pops against my damask wallpaper.  Now to put the Barbie canvas in it, and buy and paint two more frames!!!

Here's a before and after:

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