Thursday, December 19, 2013

New York City!

Hey Everyone!  Last night my husband and I flew from Houstin to NYC! (Pic of us on the plane.)

Our first time here!  I can't believe we've lived internationally but have never been to New York.  I have always wanted to experience the city, especially at Christmastime. On the car ride from the airport to the hotel I was in sensory overload. The artistry in this town I'm sure will inspire me, and I look forward to sharing my time here with you. For more frequent updates, "Like" my page on FB, 

Here are a few shots of our boutique hotel. I'm im LOVE with that red wallpaper. Wouldn't it be fabulous in a powder room?

The lounge. I could use this silver couch in my craftroom. :-)

Stay tuned for more of my NYC adventures!

:-) Angela


  1. YAY!! Have fun, can not wait to see pics.

  2. Your husband and you look really happy! You should post some travel experiences, I'm flying to NYC in February 2014. Just reserved my hotel room (I used ) and I'm now looking for ways of transportation, what to do, what to see and where to eat :) Greetings, Marco.

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  4. Hey, Marco, please write , a colleague of mine recommended it, but I'm still a bit reserved about it.


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