Monday, November 19, 2012


Good Morning Everyone!

If your household is like our household, it has been crazy busy lately!  Does it ever seem to stop, am I right? Our kids' schedules keep us hopping!  So, as I sit here going through the laundry list of stuff I have to do today, I can't believe Thanksgiving is upon us!!!  

So let me mark one thing off the list....getting this blog back on track.  I have neglected it a bit, but I have found my voice again.  Like my profile says, I hope to connect with the average Mom crafter...the one that is scared to try crafting but has always wanted to.  I am not a professional, nor do I want to be.  I am self-taught, and I LOVE sharing tips and tricks, and I love getting tips and tricks.  My goal is for you to be interested enough in something you see here to give crafting a try, whether it be a wreath or a Christmas tree or decorating your door.

I will get back to videoing soon too, but not all my posts will have the one today.  I want to share with you my favorite bow maker of all time.  It's called "The Hand".  I bought it about a month ago.  Here's me using it for a Homeroom Mom project:

Check out the product and demo videos here  The Hand makes amazing bows easy!  The creator, Regina Sellers, is a super nice lady. Click on this link to "like" The Hand on Facebook I wish her much success with her awesome business venture!  One of my other favorite ladies, Jeannie, at Trendy Tree also sells them.  Check out the Trendy Tree listing here.  When I get back from the holidays I will demonstrate it on a video.  If you need a bow maker...this one is the best I've ever used!

Thanks for stopping by!
Take time to "Prettify Your Life"!!!

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  1. I'm so glad I saw this post. Am doing huge red satin bows instead of flowers down the length of my Christmas table (seating 30 people). I bought one of these after reading your post and watching the video. Will be a huge time and hand saver.


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