Sunday, November 18, 2012

Just a Quickie...

Good Evening All!

I just wanted to share a quick experiment that I tried tonight.  I think it was a sweet lady named Janet that initially shared this glittering technique.  Normally when I glitter say a wooden letter, I first spray adhesive on the letter and then sprinkle glitter on it.  After I shake the excess off, I then spray it with Glitter Blast Sealer to keep the glitter from flaking off.  (I think everyone is pretty familiar with this technique.)

Well,  a while back Janet had said that she mixed Mod Podge and glitter to make a thick paste (kind of like spinach dip) and then coated the letters with it and let them dry.  There is no messy glitter, and the Mod Podge dries clear.  I had some letters that I needed to glitter tonight, so I thought I would try this out.  

So, the result is that it definitely works.  The Mod Podge did dry clear.  The above pic is of the "B" completed, and the "U" has a fresh layer of the glitter, Mod Podge mixture on it.  It took two coats for full coverage.  While I like this technique, personally I think I will stick to my first technique with spray adhesive, glitter, and Glitter Blast Sealer.  I think it's just a tad bit sparklier that way, and the drying time for the Mod Podge is a negative for me.

But overall, still a great alternative glitter technique.

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  1. Thanks for sharing =D I haven't tried this yet but now I'm looking forward too!


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