Thursday, October 4, 2012

The PYL Facebook Group is leading the way!

For many of you that have been with me on this crafting journey for over a year now with my blog and Facebook Group, you can attest to the changes and amazing growth that we've seen.  

The PYL Facebook Group hit 1,300 members this morning...something I am extremely proud of!  I affectionately call us "PYLers", a name many have adopted too.  Over the past year my purpose for the group has changed as well.  At first I wanted it to tie into my blog, which it still does, but now I realize there is a better purpose for it.  My goal is to make PYL one of the LEADING FB groups for anything crafts.  There is AMAZING talent in the PYL membership.  If you don't know how to do something or need a recommendation for a product, chances are someone in my group knows the answer.  I absolutely love the knowledge and enthusiasm my members bring to the group.  We want everyone to succeed in "prettifying" their worlds!  

So, I am officially expanding the PYL FB to include anything and everything crafts....not just deco mesh.  I already encourage my members to share their photos, tips and tricks, but now I want members to share their own blog posts, tutorials, and YT videos.  I want to expand the wealth of knowledge accessible to my members while still maintaining the friendly atmosphere I am also most proud of.  So, if you are looking for a crafting resource and an encouraging, creative place to hang out on Facebook, join the Prettify Your Life FB Group today!  The direct link is on the left.

Thanks for stopping by!
Take time to "Prettify Your Life"!!!

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  1. Hi Angela I Love love your blog, you are such a very talented person and have such great ideas, keep up the great work girl. I am your newest follower I will love if you come by and follow me at oh and by the way I see you like PINK LOL!

  2. I've already picked up several ideas...thank you!

    If you have a spare minute, could you share with me how you prepared your collegiate duct tape? TN Vols here...welcome to the SEC, by the way. I'm wanting to make a wreath for my husband but may have to drape it in black if our season continues as is.

    Due to health issues, I primarily do all my shopping online. Thought I'd mention papermart if you weren't familiar with it. Best price I've found on the basic deco mesh.

    Also, my internet find of the day is They have lots of picks on clearance right now plus a foam base swag that I'm interested in decorating with the mesh, etc. For the next two days you can even get a coupon code for free shipping. (Additional tip...I often find other promo codes for them at

    Hope I've added some new spots for your treasure hunting!

    Again, thanks for your blog and videos. I'm a retired teacher who is not very crafty but I'm sooooo in need of a hobby.

    Edited to add...grrrrrr...I have such problems with these "prove you're not a robot" boxes. Old eyes and such...


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