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Pinterest Project: Mason Jars with Chalkboard Labels--EASY

If you're on Pinterest, then I'm sure you've seen one of the latest crazes in children's birthday parties--mason jar glasses with chalkboard vinyl labels.  I recently made these for my daughter's birthday, so I thought I would share with you how EASY this project is.

Supplies Needed:

~Mason Jars~
 (Thx to my awesome FB group of crafters and their knowledge, I was able to find a package of 12 mason jars for $7.25 at Big Lots.  Each jar is 5 inches tall, perfect for little hands.  You can also find them in grocery stores and sometimes Wal-Mart, although one WM I went to had none and said they were seasonal items.  Yet, another WM 10 miles away had a TON???? WhatEVA!)

~Chalkboard Vinyl~
(I used Hexis brand chalkboard vinyl purchased on a trial basis from Pick Your Plum.  My FB group asked me months ago what I was going to do with it.  I didn't know until this project, and now I can see myself getting hooked on the stuff. To purchase Hexis Vinyl from Sign Warehouse (my vinyl supplier of choice), click here.  The super nice gentleman I spoke to at Sign Warehouse also stated that they have another vinyl in a slate gray that is non-toxic made by R-Tape.  Check it out here.  I panicked and asked if what I used was toxic.  He said that anything made with PVC (like stickers) when consummed or chewed on a bunch can be toxic.  So apparently the vinyl brand, R-Tape is less toxic?  I'm not really worried about this since I used the vinyl as labels and the kids used straws to drink from.  And hello, they handle stickers all the time.  But, it's good to know, right? )

~Crop-A-Dile II Big Bite~

~Cricut Expression, mat, and a Cricut Scaper.~
If you don't have a Cricut Scraper, get one!

~Cricut Cartridge Lacy Labels~
(Why did I not get this cartridge before?  Purchased at Wal-Mart.)

~And fancy straws~


1.  Place the vinyl on the Cricut mat and load it into the machine with the Lacy Labels cartridge already loaded.

2.  I chose the label I wanted and set the size at 2 3/4inches.  I had the blade depth at 5 and the speed and pressure at max.  I also pressed the "Auto Fill" button so that the Cricut would automatically cut out as many labels as would fit on the page.  When I tell you the vinyl cut like butter, I'm serious!  Super easy.

3. Then simply peel away the excess vinyl and use your Cricut scraper to remove the labels.  

4.  Remove the backing and center the label on the flat surface of the jar on the opposite side from the mason jar logo.  Get it right the first time because this chalkboard vinyl is STRONG.

5.  Then use liquid chalk to write the guests' names on the labels.

6.  In order to punch holes in the lid, use your Crop-A-Dile II Big-Bite-Punch on the largest setting.  Thanks Janie for the tip!  Or, as Cheryl said, you can also use an awl.

7.  I then added some fancy dancy straws that I purchased from Polka Dot Market.

Ta Da!  Easy

Now, if you don't have a personal cutting machine like a Cricut or a Cameo, it's ok because Martha Stewart has come out with some chalkboard labels at Staples!  Check them out here.  I went to my local Staples today, and yep, they have a bunch of FABULOUS Martha Stewart Office supplies, including the chalkboard labels. Templates are available online.

Or, you could even buy the vinyl and use my trusty method of making a template out of a file folder, tracing around the template on the back of the vinyl and cutting them out my hand.  That would certainly work too! 

I hope this tutorial has helped.  Give it a try.  It also makes me feel better to have glasses with lids on them, even though they are GLASS and still have a little HOLE in the top.  I guess the word "lid" makes a Mommy feel better.  :-)

****Special Note:  To clean the mason jars, I ran the labels under the faucet and the liquid chalk came right off.  Then I put them in the dishwasher.  Yep, the dishwasher.  If it doesn't go in the dishwasher, it's likely not to even make in my house...unless it's antique jadite. (LOVE)  Not a single label came off.  Far from it.  A couple of jars had a bubble or two underneath, but nothing that couldn't be squeegeed out with your finger.****

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  1. Really cute jars! Thanks for all the tips on where to buy the labels!!

  2. What brand liquid chalk pens do you use? I'm doing these for my wedding so ive been reading reviews and a lot don't wash off! Just curious! Thanks!


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