Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bunco Success!

So, my Bunco party was so much fun!  There was a great turnout--16 fabulous ladies!  Before I post my front door pics, let me give you another how-to.  This time it's for the name tags.  Check out my process!

Step 1:  I got these super cute free printables off of Pinterest.  If you want them too, check out my Bunco Party Pinterest board.  You can follow me on Pinterest by clicking on the Pinterest Follow Me button in the top left hand column of the blog.

Step 2:  Cut all the circles out.  It would have been handy to have had the correct size circle punch, but I didn't.  So, when all else fails, whip out the scissors!  

I keep Avery blank business cards on hand at all times.  So I next took out a couple of sheets and pulled all the business cards apart.

Step 3:  Using my ATG 714 gun, I applied a little bit of adhesive to the upper left hand corner of each business card and adhered a Bunco circle to each one.

Step 4:  Put several name tags in a laminating pocket and send them through the laminator.  I just bought this Scotch brand laminator from Wal-Mart for about $25, and I LOVE it.  I <3 laminating stuff!!!

Step 5:  Cut out each laminated name tag with scissors.

Step 6:  Hot glue pin backs to each name tag.  These worked fabulously!

And Ta-Da!  Cute and easy name tags.  I had the ladies use a Sharpie to write their names on the tags.  Next month's hostess collected the name tags and plans to use them again.  And, since I have the printable file, it will be EASY for me to make some more if needed!

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