Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Guest Designer: Rachel Stone & Her Burlap Wreath How-To

Please welcome PYL Guest Designer, Rachel Stone!  I asked her to create a step-by-step picture tutorial for a wreath style that is gaining popularity--the burlap wreath.  Rachel did a fantastic job!  Here is her completed wreath (love the green):

Now for her process:

12 inch straw wreath
2 1/2 yards burlap
200 straight pins--WITH pin head
sharp scissors

Step 1:  Begin by cutting four inch strips of burlap. Keep 4 or so strips of fabric to cover your wreath base. Then cut each strip into 4" squares. I did not measure any of this. It helped change up some of the sizes of the "puffs."

Using a strip of fabric, pin one end of the fabric on to the wreath. Wrap the wreath and pin the end. Continue with as many strips as you need to completely wrap the wreath. This is strictly optional, but does give a finished look if you are going to see the back of your wreath. Mine goes on a glass door, so I want it to look better.

Step 2:  Using a pin with a head, stick the pin in one corner of the square and back out finishing on the same side you began. It is imperative to use a pin with a large head so that it will not go through the loose holes in the burlap. 

TIP: Sticking the pin through the fabric twice during this first step will also help prevent the pin from coming through the holes. This is a lesson I learned after my first couple of puffs. Even using a pin with a pin-head, sometimes, the pin would still go through the holes in the fabric.

Step 3:  Bring that corner to the opposite corner making a tube.

Step 4:  Then flip it over allowing the pin to be exposed.

Step 5:  With one of the remaining corners of your tube, begin to twist it.

Step 6:  Bring the twisted corner toward the pin (see it between my fingers at the top of the photo)

Step 7:  Now slide the pin through this corner.

At this point, you have one corner remaining.

Step 8:  As before, twist the corner, and secure corner onto pin.

Step 9:  At this point your "puff" is complete. Keep pin in your hand and slide it in to the wreath.

Step 10:  As you continue making your "puffs," position them closely together, hiding the pin as you attach it to your wreath.

I used almost 200 squares of fabric. It was tedious, but I love the look. It's very organic. Wanted to make a St. Patrick's Day Wreath, but may end up with some sort of Easter Wreath instead.

A very special thanks to Rachel Stone!  It looks awesome Rachel!  I can't wait to make one myself.  Thank you so much for explaining the process to the PYL community!!!

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  1. YEA!! I am so excited about making this wreath but I have to wait until I have the time to devote to it. Great job explaining it Rachel, and congrats on being a PYL Designer!

  2. I think I will have to try this!




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