Thursday, January 12, 2012

While I was shopping...

So today while I was shopping at my favorite home decor store (where I also get most of my deco mesh & supplies) I saw HEART WORK WREATHS, both small and large.  Now while this sounds exciting, let me just say that  the large heart work wreath (retailing for around $25) was SO big, I honestly couldn't think of where I would even put it!  It had to be almost four feet tall!!   And the smaller heart work wreath (retailing for $9) was still SO big, that I honestly didn't think it would fit on my side door once the mesh was on it.  And after I glancing up at the "example" with the mesh already on it, I kind of felt like it "sort of" looked like a heart, but not quite.  So, I passed. (You are probably thinking "She's crazy!")  So, if any of my viewers decide to use a heart work wreath this Valentine season, share your picture and tell me what you did with it because I stood in the booth for five minutes staring at them wondering what on earth I would do with something THAT big!  I already have my Valentine front door display planned, and these quite literally and figuratively didn't fit.  My style has changed over the years, and I walk a fine line between cute and cutesy (not always succeeding), and I really couldn't see myself hanging a giant poofy heart on my wall.

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