Friday, December 9, 2011

Episode 66: My Christmas Front Door

Hi Everyone!  Here is my front door decorated for Christmas:

Supplies Needed:

Basic Christmas Garland, with or without lights
Green Deco Mesh--I used about 1.25 rolls
3 different wired ribbons

  • Red and White ribbon--Hobby Lobby
  • Merry Christmas ribbon--Dillard's
  • Red and Green ribbon--Sam's

Christmas balls--Hobby Lobby
Floral wire
Christmas present decorations--Hobby Lobby
Ho Ho Ho picks--Pier 1
Santa Mitts--Michael's (additional how-to post will be available soon)
Wooden Signs--Michael's (Cut out using my Cricut Expression, Feeling Groovy Cartridge)

Here is a close-up of the wreath:

Supplies Needed:

15 Inch Green Christmas Tree Wreath--Dollar Tree
Green Deco Mesh
2 different wired ribbons:

  • Red and White Stripe--Hobby Lobby
  • Green and Red Stripe--Sam's

Christmas ornaments--Hobby Lobby
Floral wire
Santa Mitt

For instructions on making a bow using the EZ Bowmaker, check out my how-to video here.  The only difference is I used two different ribbons at once, stacking one ribbon on top of the other and then following the same steps as in my how-to video.

And here is the video of my door:

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