Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Blingtastic Shelf Elf!

My family jumped on the Shelf Elf bandwagon this year, and I must say I think I will probably have more fun with it than my girls!  I have even created a Shelf Elf Board on my Pinterest Page and have been repinning like crazy!  There are some creative people out there.

So, my daughter was lamenting this evening about how she wished our elf, whose name is Peppermint by the way, was a girl.  I honestly felt the same way.  Then a friend on FB tonight told me that you can buy the skirt to make your little elf a girl.  How did I not know this???  That was my inspiration!  So, I typed up a letter from Peppermint saying how happy she was in our home and that she had already told Santa about them.  But then Peppermint reveals she is a GIRL and that stores sell wonderful snowflake skirts for girl elves.  Well, Peppermint desperately wants one, so in her letter she tells the girls to ask their Mommy to go buy her one.  I can't wait to see what my girls think of that.

Well, if any of you are like me, you get your inspiration between midnight and 1am.  As my husband was placing Peppermint on the pot rack, I commented that maybe I should bling Peppermint up.  My hubby, knowing me oh so well, agreed.  So I dug out some ribbon, fired up the hot glue gun, and opened my trusty jar of BLING.  Here is the before and after pics of our fabulously festive little Shelf Elf, Peppermint!  She rocks the jewels and now fits right into our house, otherwise known as Glitter World!  Happy December PYL!

Plain Jane Peppermint (yawn):

Getting ready for the makeover:

Now, the fabulously festive, blingtastic Peppermint!  I like her new look SO much better!

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