Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Connecting With the Crafter: Amy Shelton

Today PYL is featuring crafter Amy Shelton. Here was her wreath entry for the Sugarplums and Snowmen Wreath Contest.

Now take a moment to get to know a little about Amy by reading her "Connecting with the Crafter" interview with PYL.

What's your name?
Amy McBride Shelton

Where do you live?
Decatur, Alabama

What was the inspiration for your wreath entry in the contest?
The ribbon

What/When did you start crafting?
I have always loved crafting and can't remember not crafting. One of my favorite craft projects was the scarecrow I painted and put together from terra cotta pots. And each year my aunt has me make Christmas ornaments for all of my nieces and nephews for her. So it is always a challenge to come up with something new and different.

What's your favorite store for craft supplies?
Going to Hobby Lobby is like taking a fat kid to a candy store and I can say this because I was a fat But I also love going to Parkway Variety, they have a huge selection of deco mesh and beautiful ribbons.

Tell us about your crafting space--spacious crafting suite or I craft like a nomad--constantly on the move to the best space available at the time!
I actually have a large craft room, 11 x 19, but at the moment it is being used as a storage room, which I hate!! I recently hosted a Bunco Bash in memory of my sister that we lost in January of this year from complications of breast cancer. I moved my sewing machine upstairs so that I could finish a quilt that I started for her before she passed away. And since then my crafting has taken up residence on my dining room table and continues to grow and take a life of its own. My husband has threatened to move me and my crafts outside while he lets the dogs take my spot inside!!

What's your favorite occasion to craft for?
Christmas is my favorite occasion to craft for, followed very closely by babies!!

Besides crafting, what other things do you like to do?
I love to bake, read, and dabble with writing short stories. Cooking for my family and other brings me great joy, the only problem with that is the fact that I hate to clean up the mess. At times I would love to be able to twinkle my nose like Samantha and everything be taken care of for me. For those of you too young to remember, she was from a popular show called Bewitched. Growing up my friends and I would try to twitch our nose and make our big brothers disappear!! Fortunately or unfortunately my big is still here and he is the ripe old age of 47!!

And these are just for fun:

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
This is always the hardest question for me to answer but I suppose I would be a purple crayon. That seems to be the color I always gravitate towards when picking out clothes.

Coffee or Soda?
Neither, I am a true southern belle and sweet tea would be my drink of choice.

And finally, Tis the Season:

“Miracle on 34th Street” or “A Christmas Story” or “Christmas Vacation”?
Miracle of 34th Street is a must watch each season in our household. Another family favorite that is not mentioned here is "It's A Wonderful Life". Our favorite thing to do during the Christmas holiday is to turn all the lights off with only the tree lit and each snuggle down in our usual spots and watch Christmas movies together as a family. No matter how old my children get, they still seem to enjoy this past time with the parentals as they refer to my husband and I. This is a old tradition my mother and I would enjoy while I was growing up that I passed on to my kids.

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