Thursday, July 21, 2011

Retailer Recon: PYL Picks for.....World Market

Here are some interesting things I found while at World Market.  I hope it gives you some ideas!  What is your favorite item in the list??

Hello Kitty Chocolate Biscuits (Sticks dipped in Chocolate)--$1.19

Hello Kitty Soda--$1.79 (I think)

More Hello Kitty Soda--Cute for a party!
Cutest paper lantern EVER!--$6.99
Chalkboard glasses--$3.99
Chalboard Mugs--$3.99
CUTE lunch boxes, or even use them as storage boxes--$9.99
Good place for baskets--prices vary
A S'Mores Kit (cute gift)--$9.99
Good place to look for hard-to-find candy
Chocolate wine? Hmmm...$8.99
I found deco mesh here, but wait...
21 ", but only 5 yards, no metallic in it, but would work in a pinch--$5.99 (not your best buy)
Deco ribbon, 10 yards, no finished edges but would work in a pinch, 10 yards--$3.99
Unfinished wine rack. Could be painted and used for an organizational tool. Small one $49.99. Large one was too high up on the shelf to see the price. I HATE that! How does a store expect to sell merchandise that way!
CUTE!! I can ALWAYS use mini chalboard signs! Pack of 2--$3.49
CUTE!!  I can ALWAYS use mini chalboard signs!  Pack of 2--$3.49

I think this is an interesting tray charger--$5.99

Ok, can you say HALLOWEEN glassware??? Either size--$3.99
Magnetic car games for the kids--$12.99
Unusual retro games, could be cute gifts--$7.99-$9.99
Cupcake Injector/Decorating Kit--$5.99
Keep this store in mind if you need plain white dinnerware to be jazzed up with awesome theme-related accessories.  Prices vary.
Cute sushi kit--$3.99
Hello, Halloween again, or get a plain one and personalize with vinyl for a
table accessory or placecard--$6.99
Good range of colors for placemats ($2.89-$4.99) and napkins--$9.99 for 6
Retro decade candy packages. Good for party favors. Could never find a price. HATE that too!
Bag of 50 tealights--$$6.99, for your jack-o-lanterns or tablescapes perhaps?
(Good price value IMHO)
Owls are in! Cute doorstop for everday or around Halloween. Cute on the fireplace too. $9.99
I just thought this was the FUNNIEST placecard holder! Sick humor for an impending Hawaiian trip perhaps? $6.99


  1. Owls by far! I wasn't expecting them on the list.

  2. I love Cost Plus! I usually go there for my stocking stuffers.


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