Thursday, July 21, 2011

An Aggie Post

(The above pics are from the Texas A&M Former Student Building.  The Aggie Ring statue was constructed in 2008.  Very Cool! .....(And I got a new car sticker to replace my old one with 1/4 of the "X" missing.)

So, I thought I would post a pic of my finds from Aggieland (See pic below).  Yes, I graduated from Texas A&M University...a VERY proud Aggie!!!  I did what I was supposed to do (according to New Student Orientation)...I became an Aggie, I married and Aggie, and I will hopefully have at least one future Aggie. 

So, I saw this CUTE pink and zebra ATM shirt and thought that it coordinated with the decor of my craft room.  The shirt was calling to me from across the store.  I fear my youngest is going to be upset that I didn't find her one since her color wheel consists of pink, animal print, and bling.  I did find these ADORABLE sequin Aggie headbands for my girls.  I can't wait to see them on their heads.  I bought the maroon bluebonnet seeds for my Dad.  LOOOOOOOOKKKK....BLING for my car!!!!!!  So excited!!!!!  And then there is the fabric and ribbon.  My main purpose for the trip to College Station was to find ribbon.  Yep, you read it right...I have some football wreaths to make peeps!!  It is nearly impossible to find collegiate ribbon, and it IS impossible to find Aggie ribbon in Oklahoma.  So, I went into Loupot's and asked.  The college guy behind the counter said that they didn't have any, but then, to my surprise, he said "Try Pruitt's".  PRUITT'S, of course, THE Aggie fabric store! (which has moved BTW to George Bush and the train tracks...and there was a train going by when I got there...awww...the memories).  And, Pruitt's did have an abundance of ribbon!  So, an impressed shout out to the Loupot's college dude for even thinking to recommend a fabric store.  The Pruitt's staff was fabulous and said that they would ship more ribbon, or whatever I needed, anytime!!  Pruitt's is on FB, and their website is  Gig Em' Aggies!!


  1. Score!! I love it all. Maybe I'll have a future Aggie?? John and I are both alumni of Ohio University, but I'd love it if Aves go to A&M. jen

  2. GIG 'EM and WHOOP! Love your finds...who knew there was a fabric store? Gonna put that on my "must see" list this fall. Or maybe sooner since I see an Aggie wreath in my future. Does deco mesh come in Aggie Maroon?? And I have never seen that ring statue before. Maybe I can redo my Ring Dance pics with a better date. :)

  3. I LOVE those sequin aggie headbands!! Where did you find them??


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