Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Patriotic Centerpiece in 30 Minutes

Happy Flag Day Crafters!  I have just the craft project to help you celebrate the day.

A few day ago I was strolling around Hobby Lobby getting supplies for my curtain project in the sitting area, and these centerpieces kept catching my eye:

I found myself thinking, "The height of this would look just right in my foyer.  I'm going to try this project."  So I bought a bunch of patriotic supplies and drove home to give it a whirl.  The supplies included several different lengths and types of patriotic floral sprays, glittery container filler balls, and some stars.

STEP 1:  Pick out a container.  I already had this glass apothecary jar at home that I purchased a few years ago at Hobby Lobby. 

STEP 2:  I also already had a piece of floral foam in my craft room that was the right size for the glass apothecary jar.  Yay, no cutting necessary!  I placed it inside.

STEP 3:  Begin adding the glittery container filler balls all around the floral foam until you about, but not quite, have it all concealed.

STEP 4: Start the design by adding your tallest pieces.  Now I am not a professionally trained floral designer.  I am self-taught in a lot of the crafting I do.  It may not be the "right" way to do things, but it's the way that works for me. 

STEP 5:  Now add the medium size floral sprays, spreading them around to make it pleasing to YOUR eye.

STEP 6:  Add a few statement pieces.  I bought these three foam, glittery stars...not knowing exactly how I would use them...but they are sparkly...and well me and sparkle have a relationship. When I got home, I noticed that one of the tips on the red star was broken.  So I cut off a small piece of floral wire and stuck it in the broken section and pushed the other end of the wire into the floral foam of the centerpiece.  With the other two stars I poked a hole at the end of one of the tips of both stars with scissors and stuck the floral wire in the holes and attached them to the floral foam as well. 

STEP 7:  At this point I covered the rest of the floral foam with the glittery container filler balls.

STEP 8:  Finish filling in the base of the centerpiece with the smaller floral sprays, again putting them in the centerpiece thinking of balance and of what makes you happy.

STEP 9:  Arrange it with a few other fun pieces.  The yellow truck with the fireworks is from The Round Top Collection Gallery.  They have a lot of super cute Americana and seasonal metal home accents.  Use my coupon code PYLRTCG for a one-time use, online only 20% off discount of your entire subtotal.  Click here to shop The Round Top Collection Gallery.

This is a super easy but impactful craft project.  I hope you give it a try!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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