Tuesday, March 7, 2017

PhotoScissors Software...where have you been all my life?

Hi Crafters!

This week is what I'm calling my "Perfect Storm" week of I don't know how many middle school, varsity, and select team softballs games (that keep getting moved around because of rain), quarter finals for my freshman (I hate you honors geometry), tutoring, softball practices, Greek festival, speech meet...and a husband that is tied up in meetings all week and unable to help make any of this happen.  I bet many of you know exactly what I'm talking about and live it often!!!  The stress was so bad I think even my own mother was ready to get off the phone with me.  LOL.  Deep breaths, coffee, and maybe a few deep breaths of my Ylang Ylang oil (per my Mom's suggestion) before the day ramps way up.

But, as like many of you, crafting is something that just brings me peace.  So, I wanted to check in with you today and share some cool software I read about on Facebook a few nights ago.  I downloaded it yesterday and played with it.  I'm hooked and have needed this software in my life for so long!  The software is called PhotoScissors, and it easily removes the background that you don't want leaving only the image you do want while making the background transparent (as long as you save it as a PNG).  If you've ever done the multi-step process in software like Gimp like I have, you will be dancing with joy at how much easier this is.

Check out the tutorial I first watched HERE.  If you are interested in purchasing the software for $10, click HERE!

What have I used it for you ask?  Well yesterday, I copied and pasted some retro dress pattern covers into PhotoScissors from my PINTEREST BOARD.  I then got rid of the background, saved the retro girl with the now transparent background, imported her into my Silhouette Studio software, traced her, and then created an offset.  I will be printing them out on sticker paper and cutting on the offset to create my own retro lady stickers!  Here's a screenshot of one of the sets I created last night:

So give it a try!!!

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