Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Episode 139: Halloween Tree 2014

I finally filmed my Halloween Tree!  It's so sparkly, and I love it!!!  This is a bit different than in years past.  No deco mesh, just lots and lots and lots of floral picks (with a sprinkling of bows, witch legs and ornaments).  It's SO easy.  I know you can create something similar.  


Witch Cauldron, 16 inch diameter--purchased at one of those seasonal Halloween stores that pops up in some abandoned warehouse or strip mall
Lime Green Spiderwebs, most places carrying Halloween stuff will have this
Supplies for the Halloween Bubbles, See Prettify Your Life Episode 43
Ornaments of your choice--mine came from Hobby Lobby
A Witch Hat Topper--AHHH, I can't remember where I got it!
And a TON of floral pics--Hobby Lobby, Decorator's Warehouse, The Paul Michael Company

Here are a few more pics:

Check out my YouTube video for all the details:

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