Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

I'm so glad I'm here in Dallas to celebrate Father's Day with my Dad, Neil!  He has ALWAYS supported my creativity and has never been slow to compliment and encourage me.  That means a lot to me! So, I decorated my door before I left Houston to honor my Dad.

He collects antique fishing lures, so that was my inspiration.  The garland base is brown deco mesh, green burlap ribbon and brown netting ribbon...all from Hobby Lobby.  Then, I used my cheater method (without the glitter accent) for creating the fishing advertisements.  

Now, the following video I made is a bit different.  I included all the remaining garland embellishment tutorials in this one video.  So for all the how-to details, check out the video now:

Here are some pics of the Fishing Doorscape:

Here is the before and after of the revamped, clearance sale sign I purchased at Hobby Lobby.

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So, Happy Father's Day to my Dad from your Daughter.  Thanks for always encouraging me and telling me I could do anything I set my mind to doing!  I love you!

 And Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband, Drew.  Drew, our girls are so incredibly blessed to have you as their Daddy.  Those two little girls couldn't ask for more love, support and encouragement than you always give them.  You are mostly definitely the "fun parent".  It's such an honor to watch you raise our daughters.  I love you.

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