Thursday, May 8, 2014

Crafting for a Cause

I have a friend named Brenda.  My husband and I used to be in her husband's Sunday School class a few moves ago.  :-)  Well, Brenda has gone on several mission trips to India to minister to the women saved from human trafficking.  The other day she posted a comment and a link on Facebook with the tagline "Can you buy a rescued girl a sewing machine?"  While I haven't gone on mission trips, human trafficking is an issue that speaks to me heart.  Add that with something crafty, and I had to click on her link.  Check it out HERE!

The organization that Brenda has dealt with is called Sari Bari.  Sari Bari rescues these Indian ladies and gives them jobs sewing, "trained as artisans".  For more information, please check out their website So, I asked Brenda if she had actually BEEN to where these women sew?  Her response was, "Several times.  They are an amazing group of ladies!" She assured me that this organization was the real deal.  She said, "Yes sadly we must do our homework because there are some crazy schemes out there.  But the SB ladies are truly some of my heroes.  I have hugged them, cried with them, prayed with and for them, played bunko with them (we taught them in January!), eaten a ton of spicy food with them, etc."  

I'm a woman.  I have two girls.  Human trafficking is rampant.  Just look at the recent raid of girls in Africa.  It breaks my heart.  I craft for fun.  These Indian women craft for a cause. They craft for their livelihoods, for their freedom.  So, I just wanted to pass along an organization to my fellow crafters that is fighting for women and helping them make a living through CRAFTS!  If any of you out there feel led to help, I'm sure it would be most appreciated.

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