Tuesday, April 22, 2014

On a Whim

Over the Easter weekend I got an idea. I decided to brighten up this rustic, semi-delapidated arbor in my backyard. 

I should have taken a pic before we cleared our all the overgrown plants on either side, but I wasn't thinking. 

I am on an aqua/turquoise kick, so I went to Home Depot and purchased a Behr exterior paint and primer combo in a satin finish. The paint color is Gem Turquoise, and if you want to make a statement this is the paint for you. It's bright, but when my Tween told me the color said "happy" to her, I knew that it was the right choice. That was the exact emotion I was going for. 

Now, like I said on my PYL Facebook page a couple of days ago, I am one of those persons that always starts a painting project thinking that it will be fun but then soon remembers that it's not. And anything requiring two coats or more...well I might cry. But, anyway I began:

I did literally have a mental "Karate Kid" moment or two when I told myself, "Paint the fence. Paint the fence". Oh Mr. Miyagi, I'm afraid you would have shook your head and corrected my technique.  But I finished!

Now to decide on what kind of flowers to plant on both sides of the arbor???? Comment with your suggestions. I would love gardening advice!

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  1. Your arbor is screaming for a climbing rose. Climbing roses take 2-3 years to climb and flower but once they do you're greeted with a show in the spring and throughout the summer. Check out Paul Zimmerman's YouTube channel for more information on how to train and grow them.

  2. Snap. First thing I thought was a climbing rose either white/pink/or yellow would be beautiful.

    Clematis climb as well and there are some pretty ones about.

  3. Confederate jasmine grows fast, smells heavenly, and its pretty glossy leaves look nice even when the blooms are gone and, no thorns!

  4. What a beautiful back yard!


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