Friday, February 7, 2014

When low on time...printable to the rescue!

This has been a bit of an annoying week. My daughter was supposed to take end-of-the-season middle school soccer photos and go to the end-of-the-season party and try out for the softball team for several days, much of it overlapping. So, I ran short on time, and at one point we didn't know if she would even be able to go to the party. So I didn't plan. The day of the party (yesterday) the team was supposed to exchange Valentines. No time?  Needing a specific theme?  Where do you turn?  Pinterest and Etsy of course!  I had pinned some printables a few days earlier, so I picked one out that happened to be an instant download from Etsy, bought it for $3 and printed them out in five minutes. Now I know there are freebies out there, but I liked the Etsy one. And let's face it, I probably would have spent more than $3 buying them at the store. Check out the Etsy printable that I used:

Then I had the idea that I would attach our school's spirit wristbands instead of candy. All the Tweens/Teens loved them. So, I call that success in a jiffy. If I had a few more hours I would have used Stickles on the soccer ball, but I still think they are cute. 

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