Friday, February 14, 2014

Bits and Pieces of Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!  Feels like we just had Christmas. Hope you are having a great morning.  I thought I would share some Valentine images from around my home.

There is this running banter between me and my husband. He calls V-Day a made up holiday. He only says that because I think he gets a little stressed about the day. And I call Thanksgiving "Man's Holiday" because the women spend all day slaving in the kitchen (at least in our family).  And I hate to cook, but back to Valentine's Day. This year he went above and beyond by contacting one of my favorite artists from OKC, Debije Curtis, and asking her to paint this picture I have been wanting:

It's entitled "Employed", and I just love it!!!  To check out her art, click HERE!

My daughters also got crafty.  Check out this strawberry my oldest made...out of clay!  When she first showed me I almost took a bite out of it. I thought it looked so real!  Clay is a good medium for her.

And last night, my youngest daughter (a Rainbow Loom addict) made me a Taffy Twist bracelet. I will where it all day!

And on my door...something simple:

I have plans to revisit how to decorate your door starting from the nails in the brick all the way to the finished project, so stay tuned!

And lastly, I have to give you a puglet pic. No she didn't eat the chocolate. 

Happy Heart Day!
Take time to "Prettify Your Life"!!!



  1. I love the picture of your pug!! What is on her collar around her neck?

    1. It's an Invisibke Fence Collar. We live out on the country.


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