Friday, January 24, 2014

Slumber Parties

My daughter's birthday slumber party is tonight. I have to admit I had grand visions of decorating the door, but well it didn't happen. I even started stressing about the party, secretly wishing she had chosen a painting party at one of those art studios like her friend last week. Those are easy. But then I decided to just chill. After all, Tweens take care of themselves and make their own fun. It's not like it's a four year-old's party, right?

This got me reminiscing about my own slumber parties. Aww, the memories. I'm a child of the '80s, so they were filled with record players, scary stories, prank calls to the boys your friends were "going with", games like "Light as a feather, Stiff as a board" (remember that?), the Brat Pack movies ("Sixteen Candles", "Pretty in Pink", "The Breakfast Club" and "Less than Zero" to name a few), all the STUPID "Friday the 13th" movies...I hated those (I HATE SCARY MOVIES), all the "Jaws" movies...remember the "Jaws 3" in 3D with the floating arm and the shark that crashes through the glass at the end?....LOL.  We were SOOO loud, and my Dad had to come out a few times and tell us all to settle down.  Good times.  So, I am going to chill and let my girl make her own Tween Memories.  But, I have to admit, my girls won't be watching the Brat Pack...I still have crushes on Robert Downey, Jr. and James Spader...probably part of the reason I love "The Blacklist".  I digress...

I did want to throw together some kind of goodie bag of stuff that the birthday girl and her guests could use during the party.  BTW, have you TRIED to find Mad Libs locally????  I couldn't.  So I printed some off of Pinterest, along with a Cootie Catcher (at least those are still cool)!  I also included some other things--popcorn for movies later, M&Ms because really who doesn't love M&Ms, Fig Newtons, Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape, nail polish, and a pen. Sam's is the best place to get candy in bulk!  Check out the pics:

Well, luckily the ice here in Houston has mostly melted, and the party is still on.  My husband just came home with a new Baskin Robbins ice cream cake after my daughter put the one I bought yesterday in the refrigerator instead of the freezer:

So, I gotta go and get ready to have a house full of girls!  Hope y'all have a great weekend!!

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