Monday, June 3, 2013


Well, this is Day 2 for the packers at my house.  We have a great crew of guys.  They made me feel better when they said that our house wasn't that bad at all because we don't have a ton of knick knacks....then they qualified it by saying...EXCEPT for the craft room. What do I say to that, but:


The packer in charge of my craft room told my husband, "This is the most extensive craft room I've ever seen. Think she likes pink much?"  LOL, well yeah!  Here is the state of my craft room along with my house right now. 

We've done this several times.  I wouldn't say that it is fun, but I am so thankful for the professional movers. They are a God send!  And, I am certainly not going to complain.  We just donated some furniture to a lady at my husband's company that literally lost everything in the tornado in Moore.  She showed me the before pic of her super cute house (which is just 150 yards from the elementary school that was hit), and then she showed me the after....absolutely nothing but a slab left...she lost all her pets too.  So, moving....not a big deal. But I do have to say this is going to be a long week because there is more severe weather coming...and we just put a brand new roof on for the buyers.  Please no more hail or tornadoes!!!

I will continue to keep you updated.  No crafts right now, but I will be talking to y'all soon about paint chips and color choices.  My girls will be at with their grandparents next week while my husband and I paint and install light fixtures and other stuff at the new house.  I look forward to sharing it with you.  If you don't follow me on Instagram (prettifyurlife), then you missed my super cute chandelier finds that I posted yesterday.  I also posted it to my FB Page, you can "Like" me here.  I bought two of the black (see below) for my office and one for my daughter's room...and I bought the two wire light fixtures to hang staggered side-by-side over my kitchen island.  Can't wait!!!  I have a thing for light fixtures, but they aren't always affordable.  I found all four of these at The Market at Quail Springs in OKC.  The prices were insanely good!

Oh how I'm going to miss The Market.  I had to take a parting shot of my favorite deco mesh booth there.

I was bemoaning leaving all this behind to another vendor when she told me this deco mesh vendor also sells at Canton, Texas but no one could tell me the location of her booths.  I know some of my readers go to Canton.  Please let me know where I can find her there!  But of course I always have Trendy Tree (which I love)...just been spoiled with a local resource for a few years.  Sigh...bye bye deco mesh booth.  I feel the need to go shop and hoard there one more time.

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