Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Want your feedback!

I know I have been MIA for months now, and I am so sorry!  I was in Hobby Lobby looking at all the stuff and sad that my door wasn't decorated.  It's just a SUPER hectic time for our family.  We sold our rental property and are in the middle of selling our current home.  Then we will be moving back to Texas and buying another home!  Oh, yeah...and looking for schools and the competitive sports my daughters are into.  The moving company came to do an evaluation of our home, and the guy took one look at my craft room and said, "That's some craft room!" which I think was a nice way of saying "Hey, you have a lot of stuff we get to pack!"  LOL

SOOO, my question is would you prefer that I only blog about crafting, or do you want occasional "checking in and here's what's going on" posts from me?  Sometimes I get annoyed at reading non-crafting posts on craft blogs, so I have been very hesitant to post anything since I haven't been crafting.  And, I'm curious what your thoughts are about non-crafting posts on crafting blogs.  SO, let me hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by!
Take time to "Prettify Your Life"!!!

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  1. Keep checking in! I've missed you! Reading your blog makes you feel like a friend and we all want to know how are friends are doing, craft related or not:)

  2. I think update are great! Craft or non-craft related :)

  3. Keep checking in!! I feel like I miss my friend!!

  4. I think non-crafting posts are fine, it make one sound more relate able.

  5. Keep checking in. I miss your posts. Good luck with the sale and move!!

  6. Keep checking in - love the crafting and the crafter!

  7. Keep checking in!



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